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With one of the largest, most veteran local news staffs in the country, WAOK [...]On Friday afternoon chaos broke out in a science classroom at Stone Mountain middle school when a 8th grade teacher and a paraprofessional began brawling.

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It started off with a simple question: Who's the most famous athlete in the world?

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He's really a peaceful man, very romantic; which DRIVES me crazy, he knows what mood I am in even before I express what I am feeling. I do love him and want to make him happy as much as he makes me. I find this Science of astrology bit difficult here. He was always trying to save the world, but forgetting about the people in his life that truly loved him for him.

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However, he managed to overcome the disadvantage with the use of a Hidden Immunity Idol and ability to turn two members of the rival alliance to his side. However, his deceitful gameplay caused him to finish second to his closest ally Natalie White. Villains, he played a similar game; sabotaging his tribe, trying to manipulate people, and using Hidden Immunity Idols to his advantage.