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If you're an adult and a Star Wars fan, then you should know Kinect: Star Wars isn't made for you.

This buying guide aims to help you decide which console is best suited for your needs. At minimum, a video-game console is a device that connects to your TV and allows you to play games using a controller—but the concept has evolved greatly in the past decade.

Consoles now include other entertainment options, such as streaming video.

1200: alt="Photo of a person's hands as they hold a video-game controler."/In today's connected world, gaming consoles do far more than just let you play video games.

In fact, they're expanding the definition of what a modern entertainment device can and should be.

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A video surfaced on You Tube earlier this week showing a demo of the software, which allows players to use hand gestures, voice commands, and objects to simulate sexual acts.

Thri XXX, open since 2003, traditionally creates "3D animated interactive sex games" for PC.

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