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Please note: requests should only be made by those officially affiliated to Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand).Still, he has the good taste to not point it out to you.Only Hubby plays guitar like that, communicating things that could never be talked about.Nicola Meighan speaks to Scottish musician RM Hubbert about the long road to his new album, Thirteen Lost & Found.With contributions and memories of acid and the Glasgow music scene from Alex Kapranos "I sometimes feel a bit like the character in that Woody Allen film, Zelig.Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos has apologized to Pharrell after accusing the producer of "borrow[ing] a riff" from one of his songs.Last Friday, Kapranos wrote, "Hey @Pharrell - I love your tunes. I've also been making videos and all the stuff that comes with trying to have a career in the music business these days.It was something she shot while we were in college about 14 years ago. I still have the same dress and a couple of the same posters in the kitchen. My friend Beth just did that for an art class at the University of Texas.Huntley es el apellido de soltera de su madre, el cuál utilizó durante su infancia para evitar posible discriminación por su ascendencia griega.Su madre insistió en ponerle el nombre central de Paul, en honor a Paul Mc Cartney.

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