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The widgets affected are Zooper Widget and Simple RSS Widget.The former updates extremely slowly and the latter refuses to update at all.To fully quit the app (and not just close it), double tap the home button at the bottom of your phone, then swipe the Calendar app away.If the troubleshooting steps above didn't help, post in the Calendar Help Forum where an expert can help you troubleshoot.Now, of course I contacted the developers of those apps first but a quick search on Google informed me that the problem seems to lie within the launcher in use. if you are, itll be a good idea to put Nova, Zooper etc all under the exceptions list.So, I tried clearing Nova Launcher's cache and restarting the launcher, but unfortunately to no avail. this will ensure that they do not hibernate therefore eliminating the possibility of the widgets not updating.There’s no reason to fight i Tunes when there’s an easy way how to sync Outlook calendar with i Phone. You don’t need to run i Tunes to sync every time you update Outlook.Users like Robert found a simple solution in Akruto Sync that removes i Tunes from the equation.“Really works well to solve the problem of lack of support for Outlook notes in i OS 9. Just install Akruto and let it take care of the rest for you.“Setting up and using Akruto Sync has been simplicity itself.

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When i OS 9 arrived, many people suddenly couldn’t sync Outlook Notes with i Phone through i Tunes.I noticed a problem with my widgets on my Android device where the app widgets were not showing up.I had all of the standard widgets like Music, News & Weather, and Power Control, but no option for Facebook, Twitter, or any other apps I installed.Here’s what may be happening that Outlook calendar won’t sync to your phone.It’s common to be humming along with using i Tunes to sync Outlook calendar with your i Phone and then suddenly it stops working.To resolve this issue, the app had to be moved back to the memory of the phone using these steps: Repeat these steps for any other apps you are experiencing the same issue with. You will have to clear the Home screen data and start fresh.These steps will reset your icons on the Home screen back to defaults.For quite some time I've been using Nova Launcher (Prime) to my full satisfaction.Unfortunately, today I noticed that the widgets on my homescreen have ceased to update properly.Getting frustrated that you can’t get Outlook to sync with your phone?You can share Outlook calendar and contacts from your computer with Android, Windows Phone, i Phones, and other mobile devices in several ways.

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