Aquarius men dating aquarius women

An Aquarian female is like a butterfly, which sits on every flower, but belongs to none.She loves her freedom and if you can accept this, she will love you even more.They are interested in getting into the heart of everything and knowing how it works.An equally curious bent of mind marks the Aquarius woman as well.So starting a conversation with your Aquarius partner on the first date should not be a problem if you reveal an interest in culture, science, travel, social issues or a host of other topics.On the other hand you could bore her into leaving if all you can do is crack silly jokes and stare at other women around your table.

People with this zodiac sign are born from 20th January to 19th February.

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The one trait of personality perhaps which makes an Aquarius stand out from the crowd is a keen, inquiring mind.

So if you are dating an Aquarius woman, here is what you can look forward to.

TIP: Know your Aquarius girl - ask her the right questions.

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