Are phreak and nikasaur dating

It is well known that most people watch the "Summoner Showcase" only for Nika and not for the actual art.Nika holds the world record for most marriage proposals ever offered to a single woman!The nick name of Nika Harper, a "Riot Games" employee, who is the host of the League of Legends weekly You Tube series called the "Summoner Showcase" in which she presents League of Legends related art created by players of the game.Nika has gained high popularity among players of the game due to her looks, charisma and unique personality.Before League of Legends became the most popular game in the world, before the game changed esports and before it changed people’s minds what it was meant to be a free-to-play game, it was just a cool game with loads of potential.Many people have created careers from all different aspects related to the game.In patch V3.14 Sight and 真視守衛s were changed totally, 潛行守衛 was renamed 潛行守衛 and now is limited to 3 placed for player and 真視守衛s now are visibles but have 5 units of health and are limited to 1 per player. Ward skins have usually been introduced during seasonal events and fall into the the theme of that event (i.e.Haunting ward for Harrowing or Snowman Ward for Snowdown Showdown).

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She is fluent in Typo, LOLcat and Italics, and easily identified by her colorful plumage and shrieking call.

Much like r/leagueoflegends, everything from champion balance to League jokes were posted.

Possibly the best part of Riot’s forums was the fact that Rioters would constantly post.

One of, if not the most famous Rioter at the time who participated in these discussions was none other than the lead game designer himself: Ryan “Morello” Scott.

Everyone listened when Morello talked, and he always had amazing insight into his design decisions.

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