At bamyan in afghanistan predating european oil painting

were created there in the 4th and 5th centuries; the larger was 175 feet (53 metres) high, and the smaller was 120 feet (about 40 metres).The statues were carved from the living rock and were once finished with fine plaster and painted.It is immoral and unjust, because it had nothing to do with United States security and because Iraq had not initiated aggression against us." Congressman Ron Paul (How true that statement has proved to be).February 6, 2008—A newly discovered mural is one of many in 12 of Afghanistan's famed Bamian caves that show evidence of an oil-based binder.While the dating of oil paint's origins are still under scrutiny, the technique of oil painting became widely popular during the fifteenth century.The medium, which revolutionized painting, supplanted the previously popular medium of tempera paint and afforded artists with greater versatility in their compositions in terms of the coloristic effects they could convey.The caves at Bamiyan are of various forms, and the interiors of many bear traces of fine murals that link them with contemporary caves in Xinjiang, China; some of these paintings were also destroyed sometime before 2001.

But it will take a lot of work."Most of the parts are damaged.

The binder was used to dry paint and help it adhere to rocky surfaces.

Afghanistan's Bamian cliffs are probably best known for once holding two enormous Buddha statues, as seen in this February 2001 image.

Sienese painter Duccio di Buoninsenga, for instance, one of the key innovators of the Early Renaissance period, employed the tempera medium to great effect in works such as his early fourteenth-century Maestà altarpiece for the Duomo of Siena.

Setting his figures against an impressive gilded backdrop, Duccio showcased a uniformity of color while also featuring the crisp patterns characteristic of works emerging from the medieval aesthetic.

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