Automatic updating cross references in word

If you add or remove content that causes the referenced item to move, you can update the cross-reference.Do any of the following: Create a cross-reference You can insert cross references to any existing numbered items, headings, bookmarks, footnotes, endnotes, equations, figures, or tables in your document.A cross-reference created in Word can be automatically updated if you later make changes to the document.You can create a cross-reference to any of the following objects: When a cross-reference is created, a field is inserted into your document identifying the item you are referencing (e.g. In the example (See Table A), you would type the brackets and the word See before inserting Table A as a field, as explained below.In all versions of Word, you insert a cross-reference using the Cross-reference dialog.How you get there depends on the version: Figure 1.If you insert such cross-references as ordinary text, you will have to update them manually if pagination changes or Chapter 5 becomes Chapter 6 or you change the heading Further Developments to Later Developments.Word, however, provides a way to insert a cross-reference so that it can be updated semi-automatically when the target changes.

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Whenever you write, see page 15 or in Chapter 5 or in the Further Developments section, you are using a cross-reference.

Cross-references are commonly used in indexes and within long documents to direct the reader's attention to another part of the document, such as an image or related table.

Cross-references can appear anywhere within the document and often take the form of: (See Table A).

This automation reduces the time spent on maintaining figure & table numbers and the corresponding cross-references as well as the potential for errors.

Note: This functionality will only insert a caption, not format it and make it appear in the table of contents.

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