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Skips should be examined and modified as applicable so as to ensure the hooks engage only on the catch bar.

Skip containers are used widely across the waste and recycling industry.

The number of ventral scales varies, decreasing from 108 in the west to 75 in the east (Java).

Young monitor lizards are more colourful than adults.

The nominate subspecies is found west of Myanmar, while nebulosus is found to the east.

The subspecies nebulosus is diagnosed by the presence of a series of enlarged scales in the supraocular region.

In a nutshell, anything in the house can and will be used as a potential substitute for a torture device.

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Among the most recent arrivals, beginning in the ’80s and growing to serious proportions in the ’90s, the Bangladeshis have transformed Conant with dozens of new enterprises, turning it into what some residents call “Little Bengal.” Public school attendance reflects the influx, with 900 young speakers of Bengali and Urdu (the languages of Bangladesh and Pakistan) registered in the Hamtramck system last year.

A young Bosnian dude, tall and muscular, attacks a hedge with an electric trimmer as his little brown retriever has a barking fit at the buzzing machine.

Things are changing (again) in this working-class-but-proud, multicultural enclave in the heart of the Motor City.

Sixpoint has undergone many significant evolutions since inception in 2004, but May 2017 is the biggest one yet.

This isn’t a new beer — it’s a top down improvement of the whole lineup.

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