Boonex community software dating and social networking scripts video

Download free software and launch your own social network, dating site or online community.

Boon Ex is the leading dating software and community software provider.

So everyone has its own imagination how to interact with different parts of the code.

It is very tricky to modify code that way to suit site needs. Template engine and separation of code/design/database This problem in dolphin/boonex needs a point on its own.

I just got an email today actually saying the new version is finally out and from the demo it looks a lot better.Are you interested in starting a unique and successful social empire?Their is a ton of opportunity today to launch a new specialized idea and blow up almost overnight!Boonex uses custom template system ( that should be called layout system).The blocks of generated html code are pased to specific places in the template.Now after using Dolphin 7 for the last month I can say there are so so many possibilities and customizations.If you study and learn as much as possible you too can push this script to the limits and still never come close to seeing its full potential. :-)Beautiful site but the mods needed to make it 'yours' require you to learn a lot of coding.When coding, please use single technology and template system.Whats even worser, different parts of dolphins code itself is writen by completely different people, and very in the hurry.It's extremely hard for me to create my own template/Page because it has no option within Dolphin to do so. Believe me, I've spent several hours looking and trying to figure this thing out.I don't see how this is "user friendly" to anyone who doesn't know how to code pages. I jumped into Dolphin after making countless Joomla sites and yes with any new script it takes time to learn it.

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