Buck knife tang stamp dating

If you are not a knife retailer & just have a few knives, or a collection of knives you want to sell; many of our members buy knives & knife collections of all sizes.Buck Knives is an American knife manufacturer founded in San Diego, California and now located in Post Falls, Idaho.In the company’s early days (1914), this signified that the blade had been tested twice; an X was added for each test.The dots are a dating convention that the company introduced in 1970. The lightning S's are simply a design element introduced in 1980.Look for distinctive elements on the tang stamp: the word Case XX; one or more dots; a series of dots and X's (for example, .x.x.) surrounding the word “Case”; or lightning-shaped S's.

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It’s not just a great place to look, you can also upload pictures of Remington knives you might like to show off.

Below you will find pictures of most tang stamps Remington used over the company’s many years of manufacturing.

Hopefully you will find this information very useful in determining the age of any given Remington knife.

Be sure to stop by our store & shop for Remington pocket knives if you might like to add some great knives to your collection!

The links in the chart below offer a detailed explanation and reference to the stamps and marking found on Remington knives: If you like to look at cool old knives, we have a gallery for that.

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