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Collaborative work on subglacial processes has involved assessments of till genesis and their role in glacier bedform production and glacial erosion as a process and an agent of landscape change.

The time durations below are only assigned to the certain actors.

That is until 7 years later when with his friend Tom (David Thomas Jenkins) he returns home for his mother's, Diane's (Eva La Rue), 50th birthday and Tom comes across the never sent love letter.

Despite brushing it off as just a stupid crush Henry finds his feelings for Claire still there, unfortunately Claire has a boyfriend and he must decide whether to keep things secret or tell her exactly how he feels.

I have applied my work on contemporary glacial landsystems in Iceland to ancient glaciated landscapes, specifically identifying the geomorphic signatures of former surging and fast flowing ice streams/lobes in the SW Laurentide Ice Sheet.

Ongoing Icelandic landsystems research is being conducted in collaboration with Dr Dave Twigg (Civil & Building Engineering, Loughborough University), allowing the compilation of the first comprehensive maps of the recently deglaciated proglacial areas of many glaciers and the temporal and spatial analysis of process-form relationships at temperate and surging glacier margins (see links).

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