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I wanted to introduce real Japanese soul food to Kiwis." READ MORE: * Salad bar offers healthy lunches * Celebrating 'white gold' * Find free fruit in your city The first Samurai Bowl outlet stood on Gloucester St for almost a decade, but after the 2011 earthquake destroyed the building, it relocated to its current Colombo St store.

He admits he had absolutely no skill or cooking experience before starting the now popular restaurant chain.

I'm into traveling, photography, bread making, food, cafe etc I was in NZ for quite a while when I was a student. About my Indonesian, well I can communicate with native-speakers somehow, so I don't worry about it.

I would like to have help with my English, and of course I can help you with your Japanese. If you are interested in Japan and Japanese culture, please contact me. I'm a native Japanese speaker raised in Osaka. Please contact me , and let's talk about various topics. It'd be also great if I can improve my terrible English a bit.

He created the initial menu using information he found on the internet and with help from friends in Japan.

Despite his naivety, Samurai Bowl has been successful and Takeuchi hopes to open a third location in the city within a year.

SOUL FOOD JAPANESE STYLE The new Samurai Bowl restaurant on Wairakei Rd, Burnside, opened in mid-September, making it the second location for the family-friendly restaurant following its Colombo St site.

Samurai Bowl owner Masa Takeuchi says he saw an opportunity to expand the Samurai Bowl brand and the Wairakei Rd location presented itself as a great location to capture the lunchtime crowd.

I like traveling,hiking,camping, running and so on. Since I came back to Japan, I haven't had many chances to speak English so I joined this site to find someone who can help me to keep the skill. Also I'm now interested in learning Spanish too. If you can help me learning Spanish, or study it together that would be great! All the same I want to brush my 'bahasa' up for my future.But the 68-year-old man turned himself in to police and revealed he dumped his spouse’s remains there immediately after she was cremated last month. “Graveyard of Honor” has a scene like that, I seem to remember. I know a guy who buried his late wife’s ashes in the backyard flower garden. My Father-in-law died in July 1996, and Mother-in-law went two months later. There wasn’t a dry eye among the lot of us, counting Chris and Glenda’s children, both young men. All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.My wife thought that was so sweet, and that he really must have loved her after all... Since they met, married, my husband was born in England, and my husband and I went to England for our vacations, we took their ashes with us and scattered them in their favorite spot in Epping Forest where they used to date, many years ago. Takeuchi moved from Hokkaido, Japan, to New Zealand in 2000 and noticed there weren't any cheap, traditional Japanese restaurants."I saw that Christchurch only had fancy, expensive Japanese restaurants, which isn't a true reflection of my culture's food. I've been living in Auckland now, but am going to travel to the South Island in July! こんにちは、私は日本人の成人男性です。私はネット広告の執筆経験があります。今はレストランで働きながら、スキルを向上させる努力をしています。翻訳を必要とするライティング業を目標にして、英語学習を始めました。まだ初心者です。私の趣味は、小説を書く、イラストを描く、ゲームを遊ぶ、アニメや映画を観るなどです。私は、日本語と一般文化に関する情報を交換できます。私は少しずつお互いが学ぶための良い関係を築きたいです。また、私はゴールド会員です。読んでくれてありがとうございます。 Hello, I am an adult Japanese man. Lets learn our language together having fun(^ ^) Bonjour, I am japanese living in Kyoto. I like traveling, reading, cycling, and watching movies. I started learning English with the aim of writing industry that requires translation. My hobbies are writing novels, drawing illustrations, playing games, watching animes and movies. 10years ago, I lived in Seattle USA for an year for studying English and helping to teach Japanese in a university. I am planning to visit Seattle this summer from Aug 26th to Sep 2nd and looking for a someone who can exchange languages with me. Noticed the dog relieving himself back there once, but didn’t tell him lest it upset him... Went over on a whim and let myself in the gate to the backyard..there he was, doing what I’d seen the dog doing.

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