Checklist on values in dating

Guys, you may take this quiz for your girlfriends or wives to see if you have settled for tepid sex once a week or if you always get hard looking at her and never forget her birthday. This is the closest to “game” that women have at their disposal.

I married my husband five years ago and walked into our new life dragging my list behind me.

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I’ve outlined four sure-fire ways to knowing when it’s time to hit the road. If you and your man are on opposite sides of the spectrum on these topics or the timing of these issues – you will probably be unhappy if you stay together.

For those who have arguments with my scoring system, understand that it is based on averages.

I’m sure everyone knows a 34 year old woman who is just as hot as the average 22 year old girl, but the exceptions don’t make the rules.

But lately, the relationship is hitting the skids and getting through an average day feels like wading through knee-deep Mississippi mud.

You thought you’d found “the one,” but recently you’ve been left second guessing. It is A-OK to negotiate on the color of the dining room wall, which movie to see on Friday night or who’s going to fold the laundry.

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