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I’ve been researching the best free live chat plugins for Word Press and Buddy Press.These are in great demand as Buddy Press allows web designers to transform a Word Press website into a full social networking site, but sadly doesn’t have built-in live chat or instant messaging features.Treating customers without care is going to reflect back the same kind of energy, the customers will simply not care and leave your business to go elsewhere, and this has always been the case whether we are talking about physical or online businesses.In an age where millions of people are getting connected to the web on daily basis, it’s important as ever to provide the kind of customer service that will not only inspire your customers, but will have them tell all about your business, products and services to the people most close to them. We have recently launched our FREE live chat software alternative. It has offline messaging and some other features however its main feature is simply the live chat functionality and is 100% FREE.

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Zopim’s Live Chat solution is a brilliant platform for monitoring the active visitors on your website at any given time, and offering to interact with them through an interactive Live Chat platform. You can open a chat window with anyone who is browsing your blog and ask them a question as to whether you can do anything for them to help them better understand your mission in business.As for Word Press users, there are plenty of options to serve your customers better, whether it’s easy to use free live chat solutions that will let you open up a chatting window with your visitors, or a fully integrated support management platform that will let your site visitors and members open up support tickets at any given time, you don’t have to make customer service difficult on your Word Press site and we are about to depict more than a dozen of the most favorite customer service and customer support plugins that you can download for Word Press.Customer support has always been about answering people’s questions, and fast.We have decided to offer a cut down version of it completely free. IMsupporting is a live chat platform for websites and e-commerce stores.Big businesses rely heavily on hiring support and customer service teams that have been specifically trained to provide a seamless support service.The web is full of stories of how different companies have treated their customers in unique ways, the kind of stories that attract more customers, and more exposure, and it’s good to be smart about creative customer service, because you never know when you are going to inspire someone to share their experience with your business with the rest of the world.You wouldn’t let a visitor leave your shop without asking if you can help them? It’s no secret that customer service is a big part of a successful business. Enter our fun chat rooms, meet new friends and become part of the Live Free Bingo community. We make a guarantee that you'll never need to give us your credit card details or pay to play at Live Free Join in liveliest FREE bingo game and start playing internet bingo online 24/7 with players from all over the world. Play bingo for FREE with our unique free bingo dollars (FB$s). Live Free Bingo allows you to enjoy all of your favorite online bingo games - completely free of charge!

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