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He joined the University of Alberta in 1976, and until his retirement in 2008 he was a Professor of Secondary Education in research methods, pedagogy and curriculum studies.

He is presently professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, and adjunct professor at the University of Victoria.

During his early studies at the University of Alberta Max was struck by the deep intellectual chasm that existed between the pedagogical approaches to education in the Netherlands and the strong behaviorism and systems analysis of North American education.

In contrast to the emphasis upon teacher performance and observable outcomes of the latter, the pedagogical approaches addressed the personal, relational, motivational, emotional and values-based preconditions of good teaching.

4,000 BCE Textiles made of hemp are used in China and Turkestan.

(Science of Charms) as "Sacred Grass", one of the five sacred plants of India.

In 2015, the online referral business is booming and companies like Yelp and Angie's List have created an entire industry based on people’s desire to do their due diligence before making daily social or economic commitments.

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6,000 BCE Cannabis seeds and oil used for food in China.

In order to make the European approaches more accessible to Canadian graduate students and educators, Max translated classic phenomenological pedagogical texts from German and Dutch into English.

Through research funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Max van Manen has been involved in ongoing inquiry in phenomenology and pedagogy.

She and her team recently received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation in September to continue her research.

The 1,462 grant is the largest in the Department of Communication’s history.

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