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Use of Past Performance Information in Evaluating RFP Responses The solicitation itself is supposed to describe the approach taken for evaluating past performance, including the evaluation of offerors with no relevant performance history, along with an opportunity to discuss past or current contracts (including both government and private) for work similar to the agencys requirement.

Further, solicitations authorize offerors to provide information on any problems encountered in the past and to describe their corrective actions.

There is actually no such thing as a person who is in themselves a 'poor performer'.

Perhaps you discuss some workplace adjustments to help motivate him, perhaps you offer coaching in some aspect of his job.

Our Total Care program offers you optimisation in every aspect of your business – from making the initial bid to balancing financial details and running daily operations with minimal downtime.

Nilfisk can help you improve your efficiency and cut costs.

It's important to recognise a fundamental fact: that everyone is capable of exceptional effort, productivity, output, and performance.This involves judging each different situation on merit and deciding a course of action and management style that is right for the situation.For instance, we need to be caring and compassionate if, for example, an employee needs help and encouragement to get through difficulties or challenges.Please be made fully aware that if this action is taken, it will be done at your expense.To be quite clear on this issue, not only will the cost of hiring another contractor be applied to your account, we will also hold you liable for any other costs we incur as a direct result of the delays and problems that your lack of performance caused.The agency will consider the information you provide in your proposal, along with information obtained from "any other sources." What are these other sources?Managing performance requires us to reconcile caring for and developing our people with ensuring that departmental and organisational aims are achieved.Contractors have a minimum of 30 days to submit comments, rebutting statements, or additional information.Procedures allow input from the technical office, contracting office and, where appropriate, end-users of the product or service.Simply stated, vendors that have a history of performing well have always enjoyed a better chance of winning than those that do not.In late 1990s, however, the federal government began placing even more emphasis on past performance, codifying detailed past performance rules within the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

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