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It is culturally appropriate to ask more personal questions such as "Where are you from? When meeting someone for the first time, never use topics about religion or nationality. Humour about marriage, mother-in-laws or politicians socially acceptable.

It is worthwhile to allocate extra time to establish good communication with your language interpreter.

Some historians have pointed out that the residents of Bosnia are ethnically much the same and have chosen to identify as Croats or Serbs primarily for religious and political reasons.

From 1992 until 1995, Bosnian Serbs waged a war against non-Serbs.

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The Bosnia-Herzegovina flag, adopted February 4, 1998, has a blue background with a yellow inverted triangle in the center. After the empire disintegrated, various powers sought control of the land.The Bosnian War (1992-1995) was responsible for extreme acts of violence (ethnic cleansing in the Bosnian War) and an economic collapse.Today Bosnia and Herzegovina is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society - the population consists of: Bosniaks 48.4%, Serbs 32.7%, Croats 14.6%, and others 4.3%; while the religious makeup is: Muslim 40%, Orthodox 31%, Roman Catholic 15%, and other 14% (as of 2013).If they don't want to identify themselves as an American why move here!On a side note I used to hang out at a German American club when I was younger and it was a big gathering spot for Serbs, French, English, Greeks and other Europeans in addition to Germans.Bosnians descended from Slavic settlers who came to the area in the early Middle Ages.The population includes Catholic Bosnian Croats (17 percent); Eastern Orthodox Bosnian Serbs (31 percent); and Bosnian Muslims (44 percent), whose ancestors converted from Christianity centuries ago.Statements to a man that go against the image of masculinity are definitely offensive and inappropriate.Tenant and landlord relations are not structured like in Canada.Having a group of people move to our country and isolete theirselves really doesn't benefit us or them.Yeah, they can probably eek out a better living here but they will never realize their full potential as an American.

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