Dating a guy thats always busy

(I’ve dated a man in that situation – it’s not as far-fetched as you’d think.)So, here’s a letter about that, from Anna, who’s looking at this in a way that will not work for her.

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Or leading a symphony, or holding down two jobs, or taking care of their small children after wrestling custody of them from their drug-addict ex-wives.

When the economy tanked, the job market became unbelievably competitive.

It caused a lot of people to shift their priorities and the mindset became to find a job, keep a job or become an entrepreneur.

It’s not fair for you to have to always be working around his schedule. That’s a personal choice, but when you’re dating a busy guy, it becomes more necessary to have outlets, hobbies, and go out with friends.

Make it clear that he’s not the center of your universe.

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