Dating a libra scorpio cusp wow hangs on updating setup files

This cusp has almost knowledge related to any subject and they can speak on any given subject.

Life is all about choices – you cannot wait to make a choice, you cannot sit on the fence forever.

Both Libra and Scorpio can be very faithful mates and will expect the same level of faithfulness in return.

The partner of a Libra-Scorpio cusp can expect to be treated fairly and that their partner will be more concerned with maintaining a peaceful home life than a more outgoing Libra would be.

This is the reason why many Libras are stuck; this is why many Libra’s settle for less than the full blessings that life can give them; and this is the reason why people consider Libras very lazy. This negative Libra trait is carried over to people born on the Libra Virgo Cusp and in my experience it can cause problems for these individuals in relationships and friendships too.

Libra Virgo Cusp personalities are not all filled with indecision.

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