Dating a nypd officer

An officer's crime of passion led to a misconduct charge after he tracked down a woman at the center of an NYPD probe so he could date her — and then leaked to her details of the investigation, authorities said Monday.

Malki, who came across the woman’s information in his searches, approached her in uniform outside the Budda Lounge, a nightclub in Highbridge, sources said.

The sense of trust and security you acquire is the biggest positive.

Most police officers take their work duties very seriously, so you can be sure you will be brought into their fold.

But the crackdown has many cops pulling down their online profiles.

That includes a 29-year-old officer from Brooklyn who until yesterday had posted a photo of himself on wearing a uniform and posing next to an NYPD motorcycle, while announcing, “I like girls who have some ­respect for themselves.” Also deactivated yesterday: The looking-for-love profile of a 31-year-old ­officer from The Bronx, which included a photo of the Romeo in blue alongside the assurance, “I promise, I’m not a bad guy.” The NYPD social-media policy — which has been taught at the Police Academy for three years — is designed to prevent officers from embarrassing the department while wearing its uniform, sources said.

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