Dating acoustic research ar3 speakers

Mine are black and the laminate finish is of average quality (where sections of the laminate meet at the corners is smooth, but not very smooth), but the cabinet itself is strong and feels very rigid from reinforcement.

The back panel is very impressive, as it looks more like a powered sub than a speaker.

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Resealing of woofers, which show no sign of air leakage.

However, they were not sold in large numbers, as the AR-2ax, a speaker with similar components: The AR-2ax was significantly cheaper and therefor sold in larger quantities.

The AR5 features the intricate and well-designed crossover network of the AR3a and a similar midrange driver.

Both cabinets retain the original "instruction" sheets on back (poor condition) and one retains the original "guarantee" sheet as well.

All the drivers in both speakers work as they should, producing strong and clear sound.

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