Dating and marriage in the victorian era

Once a young woman was done with her schooling, she would be presented to society to show she was in the market for a husband.A girl’s "coming out" depended on her parent’s resources.Throughout history, men and women have faced the traditional need to find love and fill their homes with the children and wealth that can best be produced by a great marriage.At the very least the marriage should look great in public.Consider the titles "Refusal on the grounds of dislike", "Refusal on the grounds of unsteadiness of the suitor", and "Refusal on the grounds that the suitor is much younger than herself".

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Near the end of the section there is generally one curt letter of refusal to a marriage proposal."The rules and suggestions for courtship and romance occupy most of the space in Victorian etiquette and letter writing books.

This was called “coming out” and was an indication that a young woman was interested in finding potential suitors.

During Victorian era, a couple which dated would normally get married.

Queen Victoria and her family were the idols of the Victorian society, even in the case of courtship.

The society had laid down some stringent rules for courting and these had to be followed.

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