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455, line 14] But as the company's own documents show, Monsanto went to extraordinary efforts to keep the public in the dark about PCBs, and even manipulated scientific studies by urging scientists to change their conclusions to downplay the risks of PCB exposure.

Monsanto on April 4, 2001, the company's lawyers acknowledged only one health threat posed by exposure to PCBs: chloracne, a serious skin condition. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) also suspects that PCBs accumulating in the human body as a result of fish consumption may be causing "developmental deficits and neurological problems in children." (ATSDR Other studies on health effects associated with PCB exposure indicate neurotoxicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, immune system suppression, liver damage, skin irritation, and endocrine disruption (Cogliano 1998; Browner testimony 1998; U. As the world came to consensus on the hazards of PCBs, Monsanto made no effort to inform the residents of Anniston of the extent of contamination in their community.

PCBs are generally referred to as Aroclors and are chemically comprised of 209 isomers or congeners.

I have specific research interests in the microbial ecology and allied decomposition and nutrient cycling processes occurring in the vicinity of plant roots (the rhizosphere) and wider soil.

"when Monsanto learned that PCBs could possibly be in the environment, it acted promptly and responsibly and continues to do so." [Trial Transcript, Owens v. Their attempts today to backpedal on the science and shirk responsibility for the global saturation of PCBs is equally discouraging, as are their repeated attempts to "green" their image with flashy, expensive PR campaigns.

Monsanto's conduct, throughout the entire period that the company made PCBs, was less than commendable.

"And the truth is that in 1966 when we found out that PCBs were in the environment, we started an investigation journey and we tried to gather information and we acted responsibly." [Trial Transcript, Owens v. In Monsanto's opening statement to the court in the trial of Owens v. Available data on the toxicity and persistence of PCBs prompted the global community of nations to include PCBs in the "Dirty Dozen" chemicals being banned by U. convention through the Persistent Organic Pollutant or "POPs" Treaty, signed by President Bush.

Today Monsanto does not deny that everyone is contaminated with PCBs.

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