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The MRI brain scans revealed key differences among the groups.

Among males, the results were consistent with previous studies: dyslexics had less gray matter volume in brain areas like the left temporal gyrus, which is involved in language, than their non-dyslexic counterparts.

It also doesnt seem to have affected his confidence he used to be always out trying to chat up girls / women.

I on the other hand have never ever asked a girl / woman out with aview to seeing how the date might go on that night or indefinitely.

Dyslexia is a complex condition that affects not only learning but every part of life.

Experience or fear of social stigma can lead people with dyslexia to camouflage the difficulties they face, to withdraw and to adopt negative coping strategies, particularly if they lack adequate support, identification and intervention.

Im sure dyslexia and dating often work out, but im equally sure that dyslexia and dating eually dont work out.

I think it depends on the type of dyslexia a person has and i think it depends on the environment and on the empowerment the dyslexic person had from a very young age until the present day.

This book will help educational and clinical psychologists, teachers, mental health specialists, counsellors and therapists understand the emotional complexities of dyslexia.I would maybe change your main photo though, as us ladies like to have a good look at your face :)Angel I have dyscalculia which is number dyslexia, and my kids are dyslexic, so I know how it can make things difficult. One of the things that makes me smile about someone is that they can stand on there two feet.----That's Dyscalculia and it's very unrelated to Dyslexia (despite wiki belief).However having dyslexia actually means we're bl**dy geniuses and way before our time so maybe writing a short humorous intro about dyslexia and all the positive aspects of it will show people that you're worth replying to. I am Dyslexic, but it's not a barrier, it's a different way of looking at things..The findings suggest that dyslexia may have different neural origins in each sex, says Eden, and raises the possibility that girls and boys may benefit from differential diagnosis and treatment.The Georgetown researchers conducted a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study of sex differences among dyslexic and non-dyslexic brains, recruiting 118 adult and child participants from North Carolina and the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I used to double check the school reports he wrote.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... It really does not have to hold you back in any shape or a look at the op's profile picture and it looks like a girl - so a face shot is a great idea :)spellcheckers help a lottry the corrected bits, with some spaces---I am looking for someone who I can spend time with sitting on the sofa, chatting or watching a film with a beer at the end of the day; but don't live my life for the tv guide.For some good ideas try have a page on the positive aspects of dyslexia. EDIT: Phantom deleters please leave this thread up it's valid and may help others. That's all, it does not impair anyone(my profession is a tutor and I will not let any of my Dyslexic students feel bad about it) To be fair, if anyone doesn't date you because of this, it's their BIG loss :)take care I have a son and two grandsons who suffer the same, dont worry about it.Ron Davis believes that all dyslexics have certain talents, which are shared by many famous dyslexics who are considered to be geniuses. They can utilize the brain's ability to alter and create perceptions (the primary ability). Just explain and you ll find most people very understanding.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I love going for walks and generally having a laugh with the people around me.I hatewriting email and no that my dyslexia come though each time has mates alway find fun in it ( in a fun way i don't mind lived with it for 29 years be a mess if it got to me ) so if you spot it just say but that a side finding hard to get a respose for email I've had several short and long term relationships with dyslexic guys..... as long as it is mentioned in your profile, and your profile comes across as interesting then you'll be fine....... You must not mind having to re read my emails and text to work out what I meant to say I am dyslexic and find getting things in the right order a problem .

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