Dating hominids

After diverging from the line to Ponginae the early Homininae split into the tribes Hominini and Gorillini.

The early Hominini split further, separating the line to Homo from the lineage of Pan.

THE FOSSILS The survey team collected a number of fossils that were exposed on the ground's surface.

In their exposed position, these specimens could be subjected to erosional forces and had to be collected before they were seriously damaged or destroyed.

When they were found in 1976, these hominid tracks, at least 3.6 million years old, were some of the oldest evidence then known for upright bipedal walking, a major milestone in human evolution.

Paleoanthropologist and consultant forensic scientist Owen Lovejoy compares the ancient biped prints with those of modern humans and chimpanzees.

Not all homininans are directly related to the emergence of early Homo.

Island Biogeography: ecology, evolution, and conservation This textbook synopsis provides a condensed introduction to the field of biogeography.

Hosted by the School of Geography and the Environment at Oxford University.

The subtribe Hominina is the "human" branch; that is, it contains only the genus Homo.

Researchers proposed the taxon Hominini on the basis that the least similar species of a trichotomy should be separated from the other two.

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