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Please contact Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) to establish who owns the sound recording you want to use.“This is actually the third signature model we made.They went to a high quality, less expensive, but real mother of pearl.1993 -- PRS came out with their version of a one piece stop tailpiece.For medium to large online services making general entertainment content available in the UK, such as TV programmes that contain music but are not a pure music service.See more on licensing with GEOL If you are planning to launch a music service that will be available in the UK and any other European territory, and you expect your revenue to exceed £200,000, please contact us.

I actually used to wear a a glove that was cut [down] so I could feel like I had that kind of satin finish on my neck.”“I wanted the natural back, with natural neck and binding which was something I was really into at the time and still love.The following number determines the model: 8 or SA for the Swamp Ash Special, then the sequential number for that particular model After the year prefix, these models use a code digit of "4", indicating a bolt-on neck bass.This is followed by the sequential number for that particular model.The year of manufacture is determined the same way for the Swamp Ash Special.Like the CE and EG models the serial number is located on the neck plate on the back of the guitar.Geo was instrumental in helping to introduce Paul and his guitars to Texas and players from all over the country as part of the Dallas International Guitar Festival, dating back to PRS's introduction in 1985.Brian and Shane have each been helping customers find their dream PRS guitars for more than 20 years.I believe it’s a big selling point of the guitar.”“The bridge pickup is a PRS 245 Treble, neck is a 245 Bass.We here at The Guitar Sanctuary have a long history with PRS guitars.The original was a triple-humbucker and then we had two colours in that so technically this would be the third.This is a semi-hollow with 24.5-inch scale, 22 frets, mahogany back in Trampas Green.

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