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Tasha’s twin sister, whom she was estranged with for a brief spell, secretly hired a private investigator on a hunch.

She has appeared in numerous movies and television shows, most notably as Angela Williams in the Tyler Perry films Why Did I Get Married? (2010), and on the television series based on movies, For Better or Worse (2011–present).

Actress Tasha Smith will think twice about getting hitched again -- the now ex-husband she calls a glorified assistant just scored a fat settlement in their divorce. That's on top of the k she already shelled out to him in December. their rocky marriage took some crazy twists, including mutual restraining orders, and both saying they feared for their lives.

" star has been ordered to hand over nearly k/month in spousal support to Keith Douglas. Unfortunately her friends all drive Porsches, but she'll make amends.

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The estranged coupled duked it out in court last week with Smith ending up on the losing end.I can tell you this: Carol calls them crazy, but she might be the one with the problem. What has it been like working with an accomplished cast of actors, such as Taraji P. TS: Honestly, I love movies, but you know what, I love television too. I’ve been with her for so long [through the two movies and seven seasons of no matter where they go with Angela, I know who she is—but Carol, I’m learning who she is and that’s a beautiful experience. But as kids we never switched places or anything because we’re identical twins, but our friends and people, they knew us apart because I was always loud. How would you describe your character, Carol, in three words? Switching gears a little bit—I read that you have an identical twin sister, Sidra. She was ordered to pay nearly ,000 a month in spousal support to Douglas.She’d reportedly already shelled out ,000 to him in December. A source close to Smith, who most recently starred on the hit television series “Empire,” claims Keith Douglas is a gold digger and that unbeknownst to the actress, he was married five times before her.In November, Smith and Douglas’s down low marital strife made headlines with each pointing fingers at each other about the faltering marital union.Smith alleged that Douglas flew into jealous rages, called her homophobic slurs and accused her of sleeping with other women.Tyler Perry star Tasha Smith had her marriage erased from planet Earth, after a judge ruled her hubby was a fraud.Tasha got her marriage annulled a few days ago, after claiming he had a secret life he kept from her.She played the role of Angela Williams in the Why Did I Get Married? Smith co-starred opposite Ice Cube and Keke Palmer in the family comedy-drama film, The Longshots (2008).She had supporting role in the romantic comedy film Couples Retreat (2009), and co-starred alongside Salli Richardson in Pastor Brown (2010).

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