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Here again we have some disputed claims of invention and historians will probably never be able to identify the exact moment of invention.For a while some had claimed that Leonardo Da Vinci invented the bicycle based on a sketch found in his Codex Atlanticus.poses the most important risk for Europe this year,' the bank said in a statement, referring to the April 23 vote, with a second round set for May 7 if needed.'Any narrowing of the polls in Le Pen's favour will create a high degree of volatility in the markets,' it added.Scenario one, billed as 'positive' by Switzerland's number two bank, sees pro-European, centrist candidates winning in France and Germany when the key continental powers vote in April and September, respectively.

The wealthy have used it for adornments, while the average Joe likely wears gold each day in the form of modest jewelry.

Typically an induction furnace is used to heat the metal to its melting point, at which time the holding crucible is tilted to transfer the molten metals through a soft gas flame and into a pre-heated and dressed bar mold to create the bar’s specific size and weight.

To ensure proper weights are reached, the molds are typically positioned on a balance to record the weight of the metal as it is poured so that pouring can cease when the right weight is reached.

Azilian hunters had a camp at the same site at about 11,000 BC.

Since the climate had changed, their prey was now deer and wild boar.

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