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A new song showcases several of the stereotypes surrounding a topic frequently on the minds of young single adults at Brigham Young University: the dating scene.

Katie Wishart, a junior at BYU studying studio art, uploaded a video to You Tube featuring her song titled “MRS Minor (Hey, Mr.

Worthen, we've been learnin'/ How to find our soul mate and propose within 14 days. Worthen, we've been learnin'/ If he receives revelation, then its time to run/ Hey, Mr.

“We think our bishopric's great/ 'Til they set us up on dates/ I mean, I think my co-chair is grand/ But I don’t want to start holding his hand/ Telling who's from UVU is real hard/ Guys shaving the wrong way for a beard card/ What's up with the moustache thing? Worthen, we've been learnin'/ To check the family tree before going on a date with a boy who shares last names with me.

Worthen, we've been learnin'/ How to get on the campus snap, wait, ya gotta be a freshman for that.

Your dating profile, be it on a reputable dating site or a seedy phone app, is your storefront.

It’s your singleton SOS to the slew of eligible bachelor rescue ships bobbing up and down in an ocean of GSOH, WLTM and, occasionally, NSA.

He's also someone who pays a certain amount of attention to those lyrics, because Sheeran knows that part of his appeal is that he's the consummate everyman. Was there ever a wiser line than "The club isn't the best place to find a lover"?

This is best testified by his cameo, when Bridget and her friend have no clue who he is when they bump into him in the VIP section, assuming they recognize him because he works at Starbucks. If you've dated a string of ne'er do wells you first made out with to the backdrop of a pulsing techno beat and who seemed far less impressive in the cold light of day, you'll know one thing: this soothsayer speaks the truth.

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