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When the antiquities dealer, Frieda Nussberger-Tchacos, bought an ancient papyrus book in April 2000 containing the Secret Gospel of Judas, he could not even find a buyer.He can have had no idea that by the time a translation was published the most talked about book in the western world would be a conspiracy thriller about suppressed gospels and the secret origins of Christianity.

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Despite recent popular and scholarly infatuation with the "gospels" of the Nag Hammadi collection, their textual inferiority demonstrates that they are not to be accorded the status reserved for the canonical gospels of the Bible. To date, the Gnostic gospels are comprised of the following: The Gospel of Philip The Gospel of Philip appears to be, despite its name, actually a "collection of excerpts mainly from a Christian Gnostic sacramental catechesis." This judgment is based on its composition, an eccentric arrangement of a wide variety of literary types.These appear to be the following: 1) Binding on the text – gospel of Thomas (to 350 CE) 2) Binding on the recent gospel Judas (to 280 CE /- 60 years) I am interested to determine whether there are any other carbon dating citations to new testament texts other than the above two. and finally has a citation to support his belief in the existence of a citation, which supports his belief in a C-14 dating of a codex of the Nag Hammadi Library, a belief which was held already as early as June/July of 2006, prior to reading this book.Brown makes the note (on August 3, 2007 or before): The reference to “materials” (interpreted as physical materials by Brown and thus supporting his belief in a C-14 dating), “bindings,” “padding,” and dating sufficed. Brown comes out swinging with a particular date of his own in reply to a particular claim by rlogan, who wrote (June 15, 2006): Since the Nag Hammadi finds are carbon dated c.360 CE, and this date is after Nicaea, while we may infer such texts are earlier according to the mainstream theory of history, we may also not make this inference.The citation I had earlier sourced for the g Thomas was a carbon dating citation on the binding of the spine of the book, which returned 350 CE.Philip closely resembles orthodox catechisms of the second through fourth centuries, and was most likely translated into Coptic from a Greek text dating to the second half of the third century A. In contrast to The Gospel of Thomas (see below), Philip has not yet gained widespread notoriety.The Gospel of Truth If Philip is not a gospel in the traditional canonical sense, then neither is The Gospel of Truth precisely a gospel.The Da Vinci Code has turned this 2nd-Century tract from a talking point at theological conferences to a media event, perhaps even a blockbuster.The translators' press release said the "launch is due in Easter 2006" - and New Testament scholarship very rarely gets to be "launched", it is just published in journals.Despite the fervor that characterizes these anti-gnostic polemics, it appears, based on recent discoveries, that these church fathers were charitable in their treatments.The most heralded of these recent discoveries contains the Nag Hammadi collection of Coptic documents, "discovered by a happy accident" in Upper Egypt toward the end of 1945.

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