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In 1991, General Housewares produced a line of "Wagner's 1891" cast iron pans especially to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Wagner cast iron company in 1891.The "1891 Original" indicates the original year when Wagner began producing cookware.This separate foundry was named Birmingham Stove & Range.Many of the original records from Atlanta Stove Works have been lost, especially because the original factory burned down in 1915 and was re-built.Their original location was on Krog Street, home of the famous and long-lasting Krog Street Market.Initially, their business boomed to the point where in 1902, a separate foundry was built in Birmingham, Alabama especially for the production of hollow ware and cast iron cookware to supplement their stoves.

Randall sold both Wagner and Griswold to the General Housewares corporation in 1969, and they were the producers of these brands through the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

Indispensible to the country cook is the cast iron skillet.

Seasoned over time, many handed down from one generation to another, cast iron cookware has been this country's favorite cookware for over one hundred years. The Iron Skillet offers Dutch ovens, bakeware, griddles and grills, and lids and accessories at discount prices, including the complete Lodge catalog of pre-seasoned ready to use cast iron cookware.

About 1914, Wagner began to brand its cast metal cookware products as "Wagner Ware".

Pieces previously lettered with an arched "WAGNER" above a straight "SIDNEY" with an "O." below, round roasters in particular, were seen having their patterns modified to insert the word "WARE" in between Wagner and Sidney.

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