Ddclient daemon not updating

With the free service, you have to use one of their domain names.

If you want to bring your own name, you have to pay.

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Log into namecheap and select the relevant domain, then choose "Dynamic DNS" under Miscellaneous settings.Otherwise there are ddns update tools that finger a remote server and ascertain your IP by what this yields.# Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf # # /etc/use=web web=checkip.web-skip='Current IP Address: ' protocol=dyndns2 server=dynupdate.no-ip.com/nic/update login=myusername password='mypass' me === globals ==== globals : 60 globals : 1 globals : myusername globals : mypass globals : dyndns2 globals : 0 globals : dynupdate.no-ip.com/nic/update globals : web globals : 1 globals : checkip.globals : Current IP Address: === config ==== config : 0 config : 0 config : ARRAY(0x1770c50) config : config : myusername config : 2592000 config : 300 config : 30 config : 0 config : config : mypass config : dyndns2 config : /nic/update config : dynupdate.no-ip.com/nic/update config : 0 config : config : web config : 0 config : 0 config : checkip.config : Current IP Address: config : 0 config : 30 === cache ==== cache : 0 cache : 0 cache : 0 cache : me cache : .78 cache : 1437992275 cache : cache : /nic/update cache : 0 cache : cache : 0 cache : 0 cache : 0 cache : 30 DEBUG: proxy = DEBUG: url = checkip.DEBUG: server = checkip.CONNECT: checkip.CONNECTED: using HTTP SENDING: GET / HTTP/1.0 SENDING: Host: checkip.SENDING: User-Agent: ddclient/3.8.2 SENDING: Connection: close SENDING: RECEIVE: HTTP/1.1 200 OK RECEIVE: Content-Type: text/html RECEIVE: Server: Dyn DNS-Check IP/1.0 RECEIVE: Connection: close RECEIVE: Cache-Control: no-cache RECEIVE: Pragma: no-cache RECEIVE: Content-Length: 103 RECEIVE: RECEIVE: I tooks like my current (artificial) IP ".78" has been set properly.'opendns_network_label' is the label given to the network you're updating in your account. If you have spaces in your network label, replace them with an underscore ( _ ) 3.You can find the network label in the Settings Tab of the Open DNS Dashboard. If you have special characters in your password wrap the password in single-quotes ( ' ).Thanks to Kate Russell (@katerussel) and the BBC for the link. Also thanks to those who left comments prompting me to review this page, most recently Jeff, Jason, and Matt Menary.For the last few years I have been using ddclient and the free dynamic dns service from Dyn to facilitate remote access to my home Linux machine.Many tutorials don't explain what to do if your server is behind a router, but this one will.I recently set up a backup server on an internet connection that has a dynamic IP address.# Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf # # /etc/daemon=300 pid=/var/run/ssl=yes use=web, web=checkip.dyndns.com/, web-skip='IP Address' login=username password=password protocol=dyndns2 server=members.hostname.# Configuration for ddclient scripts # generated from debconf on Tue Dec 9 EST 2008 # # /etc/default/ddclient # Set to “true” if ddclient should be run every time a # new ppp connection is established.This might be useful, # if you are using dial-on-demand run_ipup=”false” # Set to “true” if ddclient should run in daemon mode run_daemon=”true” # Set the time interval between the updates of the dynamic DNS name in seconds.

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