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When asked in a recent interview what he'd do if he were fellow "The X-Factor" judge Demi Lovato for a day, Simon Cowell was quick with an answer: "he'd" give himself a kiss!Does Cowell want to Lovato to kiss him, or is he just being his usually arrogant self?Despite their bickering, however, the two have confirmed their friendship and mutual respect for one another, as Lovato has never been afraid to call out Cowell on his antics or make fun of him to his face, and Cowell seems to enjoy this side of her."I think we've cracked his shell a little bit," Lovato told E!, the banter between judges Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell has become increasingly mean-spirited. 5 episode, for example, the acerbic Englishman told the "Give Your Heart a Break" singer her critique of his group, Emblem3, was "incredibly dumb." Lovato responded by stealing his microphone and talking over him.) PHOTOS: Meet The X Factor's top 13 contestants At the viewing party in L. 6 results show, Cowell implied the new judge may have been intentionally steering his groups in the wrong direction to save Ce Ce Frey. 6, the 53-year-old TV mogul refused to say if the former Disney Channel star will return as a judge in season 3. You're always going to get asked that question, and I'm not going to answer it," he told Us Weekly. Trust me, this one gives as good as she gets." PHOTOS: Demi Lovato's X Factor style With only one act left in the competition prior to the Dec.

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Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell - Funniest moments on The X factor - Season 2 (1/6) LEGENDADO although all of us simply show this 144943 melodies that we consider include the best songs . CONAN: Recently -- I don't know if he -- I would think he might really get mad about this. Demi: I don't really know for sure and I kind of don't really care. CONAN: Now, your fans are obsessed with the two of you, so they did a blend. You took a fall onstage and you talked about how you're kind of accident-prone. We actually had footage of you, and you were happy to talk about it. I actually had an incident recently where you would think that I would learn by now not to do anything dangerous. I know she plays the ' I've been bullied' [card].(Unfortunately for Lovato, the 21-year-old was the first act sent home that evening.) "She knew that she was about to be left with no one and it did get a bit bitchy and unpleasant," Cowell said of Lovato, 20. "You know, we obviously have both been through a lot so I think that we kind of just get each other a little bit." So what is Britney like in the judge's seat?"We're still getting to know each other of course, but she's just so much fun to work with, she's really genuine and she's kind of shy sometimes when the audience cheers for her. "I mean, he's a nice looking fellow and I know that the older ladies love him, he's not my type.

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