Epo disable global updating dna and radio carbon dating

Distributed repositories are file shares that you create to store and distribute important security content for your managed client systems.

They play an important roll in your Mc Afee e PO infrastructure.

At a minimum, each of your clients must download 200 Kb per day for DAT files.

The following examples show how to calculate the bandwidth used for the client updates using this formula: (Size of update file) x (Number of nodes) = Amount of data pulled per day The following examples use this formula to calculate the amount of data pulled per day and describe if creating a local repository would reduce the bandwidth.

Enterprise updating Mc Afee e PO¿s powerful updating technology gives administrators the visibility and flexibility they need to maintain complex enterprise systems.

Toegegeven, het belang van correct gebruik van e PO groeit naarmate u meer producten gebruikt.

e Policy Orchestrator enforces compliance and updates.

It enables your administrators to handle enterprise-wide protection using anti-virus, anti-spyware, system firewalls, host IPS, and content filtering.

Profiling is based on rules, customised by the administrator, or templates downloaded from Network Proactive assessment Now a standard part of the e PO solution, Mc Afee Threat Scan provides administrators with a powerful network-based scanner to proactively search for system vulnerabilities.

Providing visibility into all network devices within a given IP range, Threat Scan identifies potential areas of weakness and vulnerability¿such as unprotected systems, open shares, and vulnerable applications¿allowing administrators to close security holes before malicious code finds them and compromises the system.

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