Fats girls on sex

No, it's not a physical feat, nor is it an accomplishment worthy of condescending congratulations.

A good place to start is by providing real information regarding the most common questions about sex.

As Laura Beck put it in Cosmopolitan, "I'm tired of dropping the truth bomb that fat women have sex lives."Yes, people of all shapes and sizes have sex.

The unfortunate truth is that "fat" is still seen as one of society's worst insults, with America's shameful tendency toward weight discrimination extending beyond retailers and the workplace all the way into the bedroom.

If he isn’t a bigoted asshat, seeing your fat in all its glory will make him love you even more. Don’t be afraid to let him grab and play with your rolls, and be sure to play with his (if he’s a BHM). ” If you think he’s amenable, however, you can get him to eat your pussy by turning it into a game.

The next time you have sex, smear some mayonnaise on your vulva and invite him to lick it off.

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