Finnish dating culture

They take everything seriously, even when really drunk, they seldom will say or do something they do not mean.

When they get to that point, it is the point of passing out.

After months of interviews I settled on four interviews that stood out from the rest. The fear is true even though it might not be right. But this is something that I don't think is only in Finland and it's the natural response to the fear that I will lose somebody or something .

Each interview started with a general question on their romantic experiences with foreign men or Finnish women and ended with their thoughts on the stereotype. It's not about Finnish prejudice about foreign people. I was visiting a small community [in Finland] when I was 15 and was traveling by bus and when I got out of the bus in this small village in Lapland there were rumors going around that I'm of the community When I travel to Lapland and there are these small villages it takes a while for the women to accept me because they fear I will take their spouses or seduce everybody. Lincoln Kayiwa, 36 (Uganda, Africa) is one of Finland's most successful entrepreneurs in the design world.

The Kalevala is the national epic of Finland and Karelia as well as one of the most important works of Finnish literature.

It was compiled by poetry collector and philologist Elias Lönnrot from Finnish and Karelian mythology and oral folklore.

They love their personal space and are good at all sport that does not require other people to play with and is life endangering (with the exception of ice-hockey), these are such things as Formula 1 racing, Cross- country skiing, marathon running in the middle of winter, Motorcross racing etc.

Theoretically, it is related to Hungarian but in practice the two are not mutually comprehensible.

The other official language, Swedish, is spoken by around 6% of the population, most of whom live in the south west and are also speakers of Finnish.

Henriikka Saari, 30 (name changed) is an IT manager at a leading software company in Finland and only dates foreign men. What has been your romantic experiences with foreign men? Lincoln met and fell in love with his future life companion 8 years ago and is in a committed relationship.

I never dated or kissed a Finnish man or even a white man due to their looks. What has been your romantic experiences with Finnish women? The purpose is to have this mutual respect, acknowledgment, and support.

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