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Avatars will be available for Rift at Touch launch and for mobile in early 2017.The firm also said it will begin selling new sensors that allow users to experience VR at 'room scale', turning their entire living room into a play space.Costing 9, it will allow users to 'touch' and control objects in the virtual world.Speaking at the Oculus Connect conference, Zuckerberg also revealed over a million headsets now use VR products.It was created for those who lost a friend or family member and is having a hard time moving on, as users can interact and communicate with their lost loved one's avatar.Users first create a 3D scan of their friend or family member, which has to be done while they are a live.

Avatars are the visual representations of real or artificial intelligence in the virtual world.

Chat’s threaded UI, where all communication and actions are placed in a clear context of who, what and why, is the killer feature that’s been around forever and yet everyone is overlooking. A 21st century Imperia as a 3D figure on the web, had a brief 48-hour cyber life making herself notorious in the age-old way of courtesans, scandalizing society with her conduct.

Insomnobot, which is free to use, went through extensive user testing, with subjects interacting with it at different times of day to help creators get a handle on common topics of insomniac chatter (work stress, pre-bedtime TV watching, weekend plans).

Alors que des rumeurs courent sur la sortie prochaine de son application de messagerie basée sur l'AI, Google est bel et bien en train d'accélérer sur l'intelligence artificielle.

La firme de Mountain View s'est s'emparée de la fabrique de bots pour développeurs It looks like Google, which yesterday acquired, a company that helps developers build conversational interfaces, isn’t the only major tech company hoovering up chat bot talent.

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