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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest.Whenever she went out, the little girl wore a red riding cloak, so everyone in the village called her Little Red Riding Hood.

Every few seconds, the page would flash to refresh with possibly new content. An example of this is my neighbour, a salt of the earth hunting/ fishing/ welding machine in his forties - the trouble is he's worn out his knees and needs to take daily medication for pain control. In fact, being gluten-free is now becoming so commonplace that some might say the end of the croissant nigh.Three months later on a gluten-free diet, gone are the pies and beers associated with his lifestyle - and gone is his knee pain. I hear you saying: "Hang on Ben, the croissant is sacrilege, haven't we been eating wheat and gluten containing grains for years?He took 40 adolescent boys with no prior basketball experience and split them into two groups—the granny shot group and the push shot group—and spent five days a week for eight straight weeks teaching and training them.Not only did he discover that the underhanded group performed better than the push shot group, but he also noticed that the underhanded shooters made greater strides over the course of the experiment.Maddeningly, you would be thrown back to the top of an identical (or very slightly modified) page. Throwing the meta refresh inside a def get_page_content(old_id): # If an old ID was specified, and it's equal to the current ID, # subscribe to updates on the 'updates' channel of our Redis database. Whatever triggers the update should also # modify the ID. old_id = self.get_argument('id') try: # See `get_page_content` above. To the embarrassment of the table the meal gets returned.So, what's the deal with gluten and why all the fuss?A few minutes later, Red Riding Hood knocked on the door. "It's me, Little Red Riding Hood." When Little Red Riding Hood entered the little cottage, she could scarcely recognize her Grandmother. Almost too late, Little Red Riding Hood realized that the person in the bed was not her Grandmother, but a hungry wolf. A woodsman who was chopping logs nearby heard her cry and ran towards the cottage as fast as he could. " The woodsman knocked out the wolf and carried him deep into the forest where he wouldn't bother people any longer.The wolf jumped into bed and pulled the covers over his nose. She ran across the room and through the door, shouting, "Help!

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