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Chua is married to Puan Sri Wong Sek Hin since about 30 years ago and gave birth to three children.

One of their sons, Chua Tee Yong replace him as member of parliament for Labis.

); born 2 January 1947, also known as Chua Kin Seng, is a Chinese Malaysian politician from the state of Johor. He was trained in psychology and practised psychiatry before entering politics through his involvement with the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA).

He is the 9th President of the Malaysian Chinese Association.

Hundreds of buyers packed into Cheung Kong Property Holdings’ sales office, vying to get a unit at the Ocean Pride [...]KAJANG – A 26-year-old man has been detained for allegedly molesting girls at a shopping mall in Cheras Selatan here.

It is learnt that the man had targetted girls at the shopping complex’s car park on Thursday.

The story of the ring had also spread to many other pro-Pakatan blogs.

According to a Forbes website, the ring is a “VVS2 clarity diamond mounted on a platinum ring surrounded by 414 diamonds in a micro-pave setting (3.48 cts.).” Meanwhile, “Milo Suam” questioned Najib’s rationale in allegedly purchasing such an expensive item for his wife.

Subramaniam said the committee has discovered that the children were made to be responsible for the cleanliness of the facility, including having to cook their own meals and even forced to handwash their clothes.

Walaupun Biro Politik PKR pada 16 Mei lalu telah membuat keputusan semua lantikan politik daripada parti itu dalam kerajaan Kelantan perlu meletakkan jawatan dengan serta-merta susulun keputusan Pas memutuskan hubungan dengan PKR, dilaporkan belum ada yang berbuat demikian sehingga ini.

Ia disahkan sendiri oleh [...]If history is any guide,the long queues of property buyers at Hong Kong’s Tsuen Wan residential project last weekend could be the harbinger of a bubble in the world’s most expensive housing market.

PETALING JAYA: Twelve girls staying at a welfare home in Ipoh, Perak, have allegedly been physically and emotionally abused for years, by their home manager, who happens to be a “Datin”, The Sun reported today.

The girls, aged seven to 18, are reportedly from the Caring Hands (Kakum Karangal) welfare home run by the Society of Caring Hands Ipoh.

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