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In humans, the process of sexually maturation is termed puberty.Most multicellular organisms are unable to sexually reproduce at birth (or germination), and depending on the species, it may be days, weeks, or years until their bodies are able to do so.The results are published in the open access journal Evo Devo.Dr Martin Reichard and colleagues from the Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic studied the aging processes of two species of wild-caught fishes from southern Mozambique under laboratory conditions."If conditions are inferior - food is less abundant, there is a high density of fish - it would take them longer but they can still complete their lifecycle." Explosive growth, early sexual maturation and high reproductive investment are traits typical of extremophiles - organisms inhabiting temporary and unpredictable habitats.But being able to develop quickly is only one of the survival strategies these fish use in the changing conditions of the seasonal pools in which they live.

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In the wild, these fishes live in extreme conditions of temporary pools that only occur during the rainy season when savannah depressions are filled with water.

"It is biologically very relevant for these fish to be able to sexually mature very fast because their habitat may dry out in three to four weeks," Dr Reichard said. Previous estimates for these fishes had been in the region of four weeks but these were observations of captive-bred populations.

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