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Wall Street does not have a choice to adopt technologies; technology is enveloping finance, becoming the medium and the mode of money itself. Data aside, the lack of female perspective and experience in technology is not a concern of token equality. The female population holds spending power in the range of T global annually and expected to grow.

Personal Outgoing Calls Billing Arrangements The system offers family and friends two types of billing programs for personal calls: collect and prepaid.

The Inmate Telephone System allows only outgoing inmate calls; inmates cannot receive incoming telephone calls.

A vendor, Global Tel*Link (GTL), manages the system.

Collect Calls -- Inmates can place collect calls to numbers that have been previously registered in the system.

However, calls cannot be placed to cell phone numbers without an Advance Pay account, and some numbers are blocked from receiving collect calls—either by the owner or by the telephone service provider.

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