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I got them for my dad's birthday as a joke and we ended up having a blast with them.

If you’ve ever shot a cheap slingshot, imagine that, at night, with a flashing light.

It’s warm and a vital part of my binge-watching, couch potato-ing routine."—eliseh6"I splurged and got the Jedi robe Snuggie from Think Geek and it keeps me so snuggly at my keyboard."—killemalla Price: "Oxi Clean was put on this earth to clean up stains before your parents come home and yell at you for it.

I’ll never forget how my sister and I spilled something on the carpet (beige colored carpet mind you) and after mixing the Oxi Clean potion, that shit disappeared just as in the commercials. "—stephanavich2Price: "The Sticky Buddy does exactly what it promises.

An Edmonton grandmother who was instrumental in a massive mortgage fraud while working as a paralegal at a local law firm has been given a six-year prison sentence.

Terry Lynn Ellis, 61, was initially told nine years was appropriate for the 16 offences she was found guilty of, including committing a fraud in association with a criminal organization, but it was reduced on the totality principle so the net sentence would not be a "crushing" one.

Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection.

It is believed to be the first time in Canada a person has been convicted of gangsterism charges relating to fraud.They say there's plenty of fish in the sea, but for whatever reason, the sea of dating apps appears to be lacking plenty.With the meteoric rise and virality of apps like Tinder, Grindr, and the ever-popular Ok Cupid, it would appear the pool of smartphone dating is a small one. The pool of prospective dates and bed buddies is larger than a five-block radius. You want to casually drop a line (and a wink) to a Facebook "friend"?I want someone who can just relax and enjoy the company of someone who enjoys life and what it may have to offer.I am not interested in being anybody's one night but am also not interested in a bunch of promises that no one intends to keep.Well it's been awhile since l have been on here so going to cut to the chase. I hate miscommunication and l like people to have a relatively clear picture before they decide to shoot me a message. I am a straight up person, no least not the games that aren't fun to play.We are at an age that we are supposed to be adulting by now and we already have a few bags of luggage packed (although hopefully it's tucked neatly away at this point) so it's just good policy to eliminate as much bullsh*t as possible.(Though, let's be real here, the GPS location services of many apps are sketchy at best.) There are apps for all kinds of sexualities ranging from casual hookups to specific fetishes. Go for it — heck, why not do it anonymously while you're at it; app, you can smile proudly to yourself knowing you've found love (or lust) in a rather not-hopeless place.And, hey, there's no shame if you're just looking for the latter; there's obviously an app for that, too.I honestly can’t say that any of these knives have been thrown away yet in over seven years.Just try to forget the awful commercials with 'Chef Tony' cutting a pineapple in mid-air lol." —jlane Price: "I had the In Styler years ago and it worked just as in the ads. It straightened or curled my hair in no time, left my hair feeling very smooth, frizz free, and looking healthy. Miss it dearly." —marisolp409239f61Price: "They're so cool.

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