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(A) seriousness (B) confidence (C) laughter (D) poise (E) determination 翻译:一开始,我发现她的严肃非常有威慑力,但是当我对她了解更多时,我发现她身上总是洋溢着笑声/ 我发现幽默的她才是真是的她。 (A)严肃,庄重 (B)信心 (C)笑声 (D)平衡 (E)决心 The sheer bulk of data from the mass media seems to overpower us and drive us to ______ accounts for an easily and readily digestible portion of news.

(A) insular (B) investigative (C) synoptic (D) subjective (E) sensational 翻译:来自大众媒体的纯粹的数据堆砌似乎超过了我们的承受能力,并驱使我们得到概括性的报道从而了解新闻中最容易的,好理解的那部分新闻。 A孤立的,超然的 B调查的 C概要的,从同一观点看待的 D主观的 E使人感动的 During the opera’s most famous aria, the tempo chosen by the orchestra’s conductor seemed ______, without necessary relation to what had gone before.

Gravity governs the physical, the anatomy that we study, the body we touch.

So here is a possibility worth considering: rather than quantizing gravity, maybe we should try to gravitize quantum mechanics.

Or, more accurately but less evocatively, “find gravity inside quantum mechanics.” Rather than starting with some essentially classical view of gravity and “quantizing” it, we might imagine starting with a quantum view of reality from the start, and find the ordinary three-dimensional space in which we live somehow emerging from quantum information.

The space, Grote Kerk, is a beautiful church built in 1424.

At first it was intimidating until we started thinking about watching people on swingsets.

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