Heidi spencer the hills still dating

As always, Spencer didn't hold back when discussing his former co-star, revealing that he would have absolutely been on-board for a Real Housewives-style reunion.'She doesn't want to share any limelight with anybody else,' the 32-year-old said of Lauren. She quit thinking they were going to cancel the show. Ten years later you're doing an anniversary, at least you know let everyone meet up and toast together, you know?

She quit thinking she was going to get everybody off TV. ''The head of programming for West Coast MTV is one of Lauren's little best friends since Laguna Beach,' he said.

Because his wife, Heidi Pratt (née Montag), is blocking the way in the middle of the street, waving her arms and swaying her hips enthusiastically in a slow strut.

A Weeknd-ish song that a producer sent the couple blares from the Denali’s speakers.

And I think MTV has a special relationship with her, and they were just so excited to get her to do it that they probably just did whatever she wanted.''They did date in the beginning, she did have a crush on him, but it ended,' she said.

'I thought they were really cute together when we were double dating. It was interesting to see where she is at in her life now and she seems to be doing really well, and that's great.'But I haven't talked to her in a while.

Spencer Pratt has been laying on the horn of his black GMC Denali for a good minute now.

He started honking just after turning onto the private drive that leads to the house he lives in in Carpinteria, Calif., and after driving about 100 yards, he’s come to a full stop.

In April 2017 Heidi and Spencer announced that they are expecting their first child., Spencer Pratt, 32, has never been the type of guy to sit quietly in the corner.Towards the end of the final season, Spencer emerged as the crazy, controlling, and even hurtful husband to a “brain-washed” Heidi Montag, 29, according to his costars, who watched their best friend disappear into the arms of a temperamental boyfriend.Then, right there in the street, amidst the cacophony of a horn mixing with the droning bassline of this R&B song, Heidi starts twerking.Her back still to the car, she spreads her legs a little and bends over, all the while shaking her ass.Plenty of tears were shed during the show’s six seasons thanks to Spencer’s loud mouth — but he’s still not done raising hell!In honor of the 10-year reunion, Spencer decided to come out of hiding and dish out some ANGRY Tweets.Later that year, they made controversial appearances on the second season of the American version of I'm a Celebrity... They later returned to compete as a single entity on the nineteenth series in 2017, and were evicted in ninth place on Day 25.Pratt formerly appeared on Wife Swap and The Spyson Hour, a weekly segment on the reality TV podcast Rob Has a Podcast, hosted by Rob Cesternino.Subsequently, he came to prominence after being cast in the series.Their relationship ultimately ended Montag's friendship with fellow cast member Lauren Conrad.

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