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Mercurial has another concept that is more similar to git branches; bookmarks.

Branches Hg's branches are "permanent and global", meaning they are fixed to the changeset, can't be deleted, and can't be left behind when you push changes on that branch.

If you’re on the development branch, it will default to starting a new feature.

If you’re already on a feature branch, it will offer to finish your current feature and merge it back into the development branch, and so on.

Using your commitpractice fork, go ahead and try syncing: When you close a branch, you lose all the unmerged changes on that branch.

The branch also no longer appears under the Source list of Branches.

Then, the commit would only be on the ‘master’ branch’.

Using many separate branches in Git gives you lots of flexibility, but it can get complex.

Adopting a standardised approach has many advantages: Source Tree helps you utilise these branches via git-flow actions which we will describe below.

You can always get to all the other git-flow actions via this button as well, but most of the time the default option will be the action you’ll want Source Tree to perform.

If you haven’t used git-flow already on this repository, the first thing Source Tree will do is initialise your repository to use it.

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