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My 3 and a half year old has been battling lice for 6 MONTHS.We have tried RID, NIX, olive oil, Licefreee, nit-picking by hand (HA, HA, she's 3--she won't even sit still for 5 mins, let alone an hour to go through every strand of hair!! Every time I think they are gone, they show back up again.

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He returns to Korea as an adult and works as an excellent surgeon, but he falls into a bottomless pit. I hope they had the same pleasure making this drama as I had watching it, and I hope to see other works from them one day. I mean we see Min Hee getting to police custody for interrogation and a small scene of her mom coming out of jail but that's it? - Small scene in Ep 122: Min Hee still likes Shin Woo a.k.a fake Joon Sang? - Jung Do & Choo-Ja situation: I get why she would be mad because he lied to her saying Seol Hwa was her blood daughter but what led her to think he and Nan Seol had something going on? In those houses you can hear everything, including when a person has a house with rooms and wooden doors. Doesn't any one in Korea lock the doors to their house?? People take toothbrushes and the person doesn't miss the toothbrush.

Matihetihe marae is a coastal marae about 10 kilometres north of the Hokianga harbour, and a similar distance south of the Whangape harbour. Beyond is the great Moana Tapokopoko-a-Tawhaki (Tasman Sea).

It is reached via West Coast Rd, Mitimiti and the land it sits on is Tao Maui Reserve 1B2 and C2 (Parirau-a-Paparangi Trust).

The area is a typical wild west coast and in pristine condition.

It is surrounded by unspoiled or regenerating native bush and a marine environment that provides food to the local community.

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