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Consumers can find more of what they want on the Web, but that may not always be such a good thing.

New research about online dating sites shows that users presented with too many choices experience “cognitive overload” and make poorer decisions as a result.

ELENA TONRA: We officially started writing it about two years ago.

We had come off touring for an extensive and intense amount of time.

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You see Tonra finding herself once again before the end of the 10 tracks.“Lindsay has obviously had some issues in the past, and probably been attracted to the wrong sort of guys, but this is different,” the source revealed.“He’s a bit younger than she is, but he’s a very smart businessman.On the final day it was Boeree and Kurganov who were in the ascendancy.Kurganov, a decorated super high roller event regular with more than million in prior tournament earnings, played the majority of the hands on the final day.ILANA KAPLAN: It's been three years since your debut came out.Can you tell me about what the writing and recording process was like for you this time around?The British and German poker pros, who have been dating for several years, earned 6,982 each in addition to their first (Raising for Effective Giving) charity, an effective altruism project that the two co-founded.“My mind is blown,” said Boeree after it was all over. “But for me, it’s winning the bracelets together that matters the most when comparing the ratio of people that are happy from the cash to having the hardware.” The event played much like any other no-limit hold’em tournament, but with a few key differences.He’s much more mature than his age suggests, and he’s a good influence. Be true to yourself and NEVER let a man hit you.” She later deleted the post without revealing who she was referring to.PHOTOS: Inside Lindsay Lohan’s Scandalous Life As Radar reported, in January, Lindsay posted a photo of a bloody wound on her leg coupled with a cryptic message about possible domestic violence.

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