Is ross lynch dating selena gomez

“I kept losing sleep because — in my imagination — I kept seeing him in the corner of my room.

That was really frightening.” about the film and if he’s trying to break away from his squeaky-clean Disney past. Believe it or not, I didn’t know who Jeffrey Dahmer was.

This story takes place before that, as Dahmer is graduating from high school in the late ’70s and struggling to fit in. There’s a tradition of Disney stars — from Anne Hathaway to Selena Gomez — going dark in independent films. I didn’t want to go off the rails and started partying.

But the role in the independent movie, which premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday night, started to seep into the actor’s psyche. When “Dahmer” came along, it was the perfect opportunity to really immerse myself in that role and hint at what I’d like to do in the future. It’s so twisted and scary to read about the things he did. There are many interviews about him confessing about what was going through his head. He had somewhat of that Midwestern twang, almost like a Minnesota accent, but not really.

He had appeared in a television commercial of Dannon’s Danimals Crunchers with Bella Thorne.

Christianity Playing a co-lead role as Austin Moon in the Disney Channel Original television series Austin & Ally since 2011. Ross appeared as Aaron in the 2010 short comedy film Grapple! Ross guest starred in the very first episode of the first season in the sports television series Moises Rules!

Since they’ve graduated from high school, who will join the royal ranks this year?

“When I arrived, I felt comfortable,” says Lynch, 21. I’m doing a version of him slowly losing his humanity. There are a few interviews, it’s very short, but he walks right into the interview. He was somewhat gentle in his younger years, because he was so shy. People showed up on set and they were like, “There’s no way.” They were shocked at how accurate my walk was.

“This is going to sound weird — it was almost like I was home.” “My Friend Dahmer” (based on a graphic novel by Derf Backderf) is a departure for Lynch, who starred in “Teen Beach Movie.” He wears shaggy hair and big glasses to channel a disturbed criminal who murdered 17 men and boys before his 1991 arrest. I thought, “This sounds really interesting.” I auditioned a few times. When I was doing the majority of the Disney stuff, I was always thinking, “What’s next? Although it was a great time and I learned extraordinary things, I knew there had to be something [else]. I would kind of walk around the house and practice the movement.

Marano starred in the indie film A Sort of Homecoming.

Marano was first introduced to acting at her mother's theatre.

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