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In His Own Words "Both psychologically and materially Whites in modern times are called upon to bear the burdens of guilt and monetary reparation for Black slavery.This position is based entirely on enforced ignorance and the deliberate suppression of the record of White slavery in North America." — "The Truth About Slavery," a 1993 broadcast "America is today an occupied nation, a victim of the ruthless aliens whose activities we detailed today. My own guess is that at least 11 of the 12 will soon become footnotes in lexicographical history. The publishers admit that several don’t have the staying power to be worth adding to the print edition.As a result of the control of our institutions and our media by these aliens, Americans have been conditioned to accept a moral code in which anything that tends to the extinction of our race is considered good and anything which tends to our survival is evil." — "The Hidden Tyranny Revealed," a 1994 broacast "The Aryan race, by dint of its intelligence and creativity and character has managed to drag itself up to a state of civilization and some degree of scientific understanding of the universe about us. Pierce could clearly see, and what the more jingoistic racialists cannot see, is that that state of civilization is but a few inches above the slime of universal savagery. The Journey has just begun and the danger of falling back is very great." — Eulogy of National Alliance leader William Pierce, 2002 "There is nothing as wonderful as pretty girls, and I suspect that the entire purpose of human existence, or perhaps even of the universe itself is so that they might live." — Posting on personal website, 2000 Criminal History In 2008, Kevin Strom was convicted of federal possession of child pornography charges and sentenced to 23 months in prison.In 1987, Strom was arrested outside the South African Embassy in Washington, D.A ratings bonanza for MTV, has made Ozzy TV's top dad and stars of everyone in his family.

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I developed an appreciation for wild animals which expresses itself today in my abhorrence for any mistreatment or unnecessary killing of my fellow Earth creatures." Indeed, Strom remains a devout vegetarian and frequently preaches about the majestic beauty of the United States.

But this same Strom also describes a more sinister influence on his political development.

C., for allegedly assaulting a police officer during a pro-apartheid rally.

Police said they found him in possession of detailed sketches of a downtown office building where Nelson Mandela was scheduled to speak. Background In a 1993 radio broadcast, Kevin Alfred Strom described what he considers a major influence on his political awakening: "Growing up in Alaska, I came to love its wild beauty, its endless twilights and its titanic scale.

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